Why Nanos Is Made For You

A friend of mine once called me because she wanted to help her neighbors, a couple who ran a salon in the neighborhood. They had previously tried advertising with a few marketing agencies but it had not been very effective. The last agency they worked with told them to significantly increase their advertising budget first, in order to see any results.

My friend called to ask me if I could recommend a tool that was a bit more sophisticated than Nanos. “Nanos is too simple for them to use. It cannot be effective as they are not newbies and are running a serious business,” she said.

This made me exclaim “Nanos was made exactly for your neighbors! If they are willing to try it out but are still not satisfied after 2 weeks, we will be happy to refund their invested amount.”

I figured the agency the couple had used previously was probably not able to devote the necessary resources to understand their salon business deeply enough. If you are a B2C business trying to reach as many end customers as possible through online marketing, there are three major points of failure you can encounter:

1. Your website is perhaps just not very well optimized: this means that either the landing page is loading slowly, or there’s too much or too little text, or the images or videos on your page are not visually appealing. It’s always good to test your website from time to time for speed, as well as randomly ask people who don’t know your product or services to have a look at the website and give feedback on what they think you are selling.

2. Your product or service is not very appealing to your target customers, or may be too expensive when compared to similar products available on the market.

3. The advertisement that you or your agency has created is poorly put together, or not executed well, or maybe it was not thoughtfully optimized afterwards.

Generally speaking, a good website (one that is fast-loading, descriptive, and visually appealing) is not very difficult to achieve. But the product and its pricing are crucial to determine the success of the business. Every business owner needs to constantly be improving their product and optimizing prices through trial and error.

That being said, a business owner with a small budget for advertising, let’s say, 200-1000 USD a month, can’t do much unless they handle everything on their own. This means creating the ads, and optimizing them on different platforms until the results are acceptable enough and are bringing a good return on their investment. An alternative would have been for them to hire a freelancer or an agency but it looks like the salon owners have been through that experience already.

A fast-forward into the story: the salon owners decided to place a test ad with us. Usually, if we have data from the business’ previous advertising campaigns, we can optimize their ads already on the second day of their first campaign with Nanos. But since they wanted to test Nanos from scratch without any previous data, we had to wait 6-7 days for our machine learning algorithms to go through the learning phase of what works and what doesn’t, before producing positive results. I had a look at their website and it was well done. So I already knew that Nanos could run an effective ad campaign and that we were going to perform very well for these clients. Unless their services were not attractive or too expensive, it was a clear winner in my opinion. Since I placed a bet on our technology, I wanted to see it work as quickly as possible. So I checked on the campaign that was being optimized by our AI almost daily. And guess what – the second week into the campaign, the results were just stunning!


hairlounge advertising

Baecker Hairlounge created and initiated a campaign through Nanos in only 10 minutes, while investing as little as $20 on Facebook. As the hair salon didn’t have a Facebook page to run their campaign, it conveniently ran from the Nanos page. By using their own, high-quality and creative imagery, Baecker Hairlounge created a highly visually appealing ad. Our AI targeted a specific audience, combining interests, demographics and page likes.


The creativity of the ad did the rest. Ultimately, the salon had a great return on investment – ROI of 1128.5%!

Collected leads: 36
Approx. earnings from the campaign: $860
Returning customers: 4

The salon owners extended the campaign several months ahead. We were so happy and pleased that our technology was able to help them get new clients.