Who Am I? | Welcome To My Channel

Want to know more about me and what you’ll gain from my channel?

I’m an entrepreneur at heart who developed a passion for technology, specifically artificial intelligence (AI). For me, AI and machine learning should make the lives of people easier, better, or faster.

After several years of leading a research and innovation group at one of the world’s largest corporations, I decided to go back to my entrepreneurial roots and found my current company, Nanos AI.

Through my content, I want to share information and insight about the ideas and hurdles of building companies, innovative technologies while achieving high sales growth. I will cover a range of topics such as stocks, marketing, growing businesses with co-founders, investors, patents, and more!

I want to help you to go after your dream of creating your own company!


0:05 – Who am I?
0:26 – Where I’ve lived
0:35 – What I’ve done so far
1:25 – What you will find on this channel


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