What’s It Like to Be a Female CEO?

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a female CEO? People ask me this question often, and it’s not always a straightforward answer. After all, I have little to compare to, I’ve never been a male CEO! In this video, I explain my experiences of becoming a CEO and the statistics and data behind the female and male ratio in the working environment.

Find out some of the challenges women face when they want to create their own system, which includes taking an enormous amount of responsibility! Discover how I created my own business, introduced my own set of rules, achieved my life-long goal of being #Independent and a CEO.


0:35 How gender ratios in the workplace are constantly changing
1:26 How legislation now requires females to be on board member seats
2:16 Why complaining doesn’t help when you feel unappreciated
2:52 Why it’s important to keep trying and not give up
3:22 The concept of the “look-alike” rule
4:32 How women should continue to rise up in the workforce


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