What Inspired Me To Found Nanos And What Were The Main Challenges?

Watch this video to find out about the vision that pulled me away from a high-paying corporate career at a renowned company.

I applied my experience researching cutting-edge technology to found my own startup, and I’ll share the challenges I faced in doing so. With my new company, Nanos, the co-founders and I sought to answer this question: is it really necessary that advertising is all done manually? The answer is no!

Nanos was able to automate the advertising process to make it easier and more accessible. Though I faced many challenges, like limited tech talent and less established technology, the knowledge of the number of people who could benefit from Nanos’ technology drove me forward.

0:14 Sasha’s Background

1:00 Founding Nanos

1:22 Challenges

Find out more about my company, Nanos , at our website,www.nanos.ai.

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