Urgently Want To Succeed?

You’ve come up with a great idea and you’re full of passion for your new business. You’ve invested a lot in it, from time to money. It’s just natural that you want to see your business succeed, as quickly as possible.

As someone who founded multiple businesses, the advice I would give to you is to take small steps. Taking small steps to succeed fast might sound counterintuitive, but my experience taught me that it’s the best way to reach your goal.

By taking small and consistent steps you will be more aware of the process to create a business. You will learn about yourself, your motivation, your chosen goals, and sometimes about mistakes in your planning.


0:22 – Small steps are smarter than bold moves
1:44 – The point of no return
2:22 – It takes time to raise awareness of your business
3:15 – Why businesses fail
3:38 – The importance of a marketing plan


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