Two MUST-DOs When Starting New Online Business with $0

Do you want to start your very own business online? But are unsure of where and how to start? In this video, I advise an unemployed psychologist, Miriam, on how to start an online business promoting her psychology-related services. She is not sure what the first steps are, and she is also shy when it comes to posting anything online about herself.

I suggest some simple steps about online advertising for clients and for any businesses who have a dream of becoming independent and selfemployed to achieve their lifelong goal.


Main topics: 

0:18 Typical issued involved when starting out
1:21 Online business ideas outlined
1:49 How online marketing is cheaper nowadays
3:00 Why personal branding is key
4:00 How to create a simple website for free
4:07 How SEO will make your website visible 
4:17 What to put on your website
4:44 How to advertise your website and increase visibility
5:02 How to start getting first clients and reach your target audience 
3:42 How to create a simple website for free and what content to start with.
5:02 How to promote a new website for free and start getting the first clients.


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