The Only 3 Questions I Ask When Hiring | Q&A Series

Matthias is starting his new business and needs to hire new employees. He is overwhelmed by the number of applications and doesn’t know how to filter serious candidates. How can he deal with all of the incoming applications without having an HR department backing him up? It’s a very good question.

When working in a remote environment, you can source from a much bigger pool of talents. This is a huge advantage of a remote working structure. But it also means that you will indeed get more applications for one position. For some positions, I received up to 1000 applications in a week, and filtering in situations like that becomes crucial.

What has worked for me in the past was having a detailed job description, outlining the tasks and skills required, and including the salary range. It does help to get more qualified leads. But still, you will get many applications.

Over time, I developed a process that works for me and might also benefit you.


0:18 Question: What are questions to ask when hiring?
1:17 Some benefits of remote working
1:41 A well-written job description and what it should include
2:02 Checking their last positions and current title
2:25 The first introduction email
3:00 A test task
3:38 The personal video interview
4:03 My set of simple, but revealing questions
6:16 Listening to your intuition


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