Patents | How To Get One

Do you think you need a patent?

Patents can help protect your intellectual property from being stolen, softly spoken, or borrowed by competitors. But, they’re expensive, so it’s important to consider your options carefully throughout the patent process.

In this video, I tell you all about how patents work. Most people base their decision to get a patent on the idea that it will guarantee full protection for their invention. This isn’t true, but there are a few things you can do to increase your patent’s effectiveness.

Consider the following in your first write-up:
1. Problem – What are you trying to solve? Who does your solution benefit?
2. State of the art – What’s the current state of the field?
3. Existing solutions – What types of solutions are out there already?
4. Your unique solution – Don’t focus on your code or software. Focus on the novelty of your solution.
5. Your technology – How are you going to build the solution?
6. Competitors – List all direct and indirect competitors.


  • 0:10 Why do you think you need a patent?
  • 1:05 Your patent should be unique
  • 2:26 Patents are expensive
  • 3:45 Writing up the first version of your patent
  • 5:35 Who should you include as co-owners?
  • 6:21 Be careful discussing your patent
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