Paid vs. Social Media: Which One is Better

A question arrived in my inbox: “How important is social media … should we really spend time and resources on it at all.” I was hesitant to respond quickly until the other day, as a guest on a podcast, I received an unexpected question: “Is social media dead as a customer acquisition channel for business?”

It got me thinking about how important this question is with everything moving online since Covid.

Let’s talk about digital marketing as a whole. Digital marketing can be divided into two large segments:

– Paid media, i.e. advertisement budget you spend on Google, Facebook, and any other paid marketing services, and

– Social media, i.e. Facebook Page, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms.

Anyone interested in your company will first go to your website, and then they’ll check your company’s social media channels. The content and followers you have will probably influence the decision of a prospective client and whether they will purchase your product or service.

Every piece of content you upload onto social media, and every follower you have – look at them as assets you are placing in your company’s bank account.

When you invest in your assets with care and attention, you are more likely to succeed. Topping social media assets consistently makes a strong, healthy account, which builds a strong and healthy business.

0:08 Paid vs Social – Which One Is Better
0:34 How Important Is Social Media?
0:58 Is Social Media Dead As a Customer Acquisition Channel?
1:50 Paid Media
2:02 Social Media
2:48 Shopping Center Metaphor
4:59 The Importance of Social Media
5:06 The Importance of an Online Presence
5:45 Conclusion: Invest In Your Customers As Assets

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