machine learning

Why Machine Learning Technology Is Only Ready For Marketing Now

We at Nanos aim to automate the processes related to online marketing and build a technology that assists marketers or anybody with time on their hands and a cost-efficient solution to create, place and optimize online advertisements. 

Building the machine learning technology we created at Nanos would not have been easily possible in the past. And here are the reasons why:

Machine learning algorithms have always existed but were called differently before 2012, as mathematical and statistical models. Only recently, computing power has become cheaper and cloud services are broadly available, so we are able to work with large amounts of data in a zip time. 

Another challenge was the fact that in the past, we experienced a lack of tech talent. Up until 2015/2016, there were almost no students specializing in machine learning, only bachelor or master students, but absolutely no PhDs.

Since then, students have recognized these trends and have started switching to machine learning from other sciences – electrical and mechanical engineering, physics, and math. Because being on the wave with the trend means higher salaries in the industry after graduation, and a higher chance to get published. 

Now we are finally able to hire the best talent – from ETH, The Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland, having their master and Ph.D. students work on our long-term research topics to automate online marketing and make it accessible to anyone.

It’s difficult to automate online marketing processes, as it requires a lot of data to process and each ad campaign has so many parameters – location, language, targeting, duration, timing, season, budget, local trends, competitors, just to name a few.

If not using Nanos, an average marketing agency still needs to have several different roles working on it – designers to create ads, marketeers to place those ads, and marketing experts to tweak those ads to achieve the best results. 

Now for smaller budgets, Nanos can provide a very simple do-it-yourself solution to create, place, and optimize ads and we also support agencies with our technology to serve their clients in the most efficient way.