Let’s Talk About Failures | The Road To Success

Would you ever care to read a story about a company that failed? Maybe, but surely not as much as reading about a successful one. Success stories give us motivation – they did it, so I can do it too. 

But in most success stories, you won’t necessarily see what happened behind the scenes. Not everyone talks about the hardships or tells the truth about how they got to where they are. 

This is why I recommend reading about failures. Learning from other people’s mistakes is what will give you a huge advantage in the future, when creating your own company. Exploring and understanding what they did wrong will prepare you to react to whatever obstacle you encounter on your road to success. 

In this video, I explore the advantages of reading about failures and how you can use those to achieve the success you want.


0:10 The great about success stories
0:45 The road to success
1:50 Failures make you stronger
2:06 Read about those who failed to learn from their mistakes
3:05 My personal experience with failure
4:32 Read up on success stories to get inspired and failure stories to learn


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