How to Be a Successful CEO

Your success as a CEO, is not defined by how you look, talk or dress, but rather, by your way of thinking. Your train of thought and the power of your imagination applied to your daily activities will impact your success or failure down the road. My name is Sasha and I’m the CEO of Nanos AI, a machine learning company based in Switzerland. In this video, I outline five essential ways of thought you need to consider in order to become a successful CEO:

0:44 – It’s you who works for the team and not your team who works for you

1:40 – Give your team the best working conditions you can afford

2:36 – If you wouldn’t use your own product, why should someone else?

3:01 – Would you recommend your product to a close friend and ask them to pay for it?

3:56 – Think platforms and not just products. With one great product, you can scale quickly but only up to a certain point 4:53 – If you personally are not online – your business won’t strive 6:03 – Work hard, but also party hard and sleep and eat well