How Marketing Skills Will Become Obsolete In the Future

Recently, I was looking to hire a Content Manager and Copywriter at Nanos. We received over 100 applications on the first day alone. So we decided to expand the job requirements, but opposite to what we expected, we received even more applications. As we’ve moved into the new era of dominant virtual communication, marketing skills are not the only assets required, candidates must acquire soft and hard skills too.

In this video, I explain the key skills needed for marketers when looking for a job remotely, and also how marketing skills will actually become obsolete in the future.


Main topics: 

0:29 Why expanding the job requirements resulted in more applications
1:15 Types of hard skills that are essential for marketers
1:26 How soft skills are also a major requirement
2:00 Why marketing specialists will not be needed in the future
2:28 How technology can take over tasks done by humans


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