Day In The Life Of a CEO

Have you ever thought about what the day in the life of a CEO looks like?

My name’s Sasha and I’m the CEO of, a machine learning company based in Switzerland.

We are an all-virtual company, meaning our team is fully remote. Here is what I get up to on a daily basis:

– I wake up at 8 am and make a coffee and a smoothie to start the day with the energy kick. Maybe eggs or a sandwich for breakfast too, but a bit later.

I read the news online across 3 major social media platforms (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook) to see what’s going on – it’s important for me to listen and to get the feel of what people have to say, I do listen a lot throughout my day. I also start checking my company’s Slack and all my other channels to connect with the world.

– At 9 am my official workday has started. I check and respond to long emails accumulated over the last 24 hours, and have several meetings with my team and external partners. Morning hours are usually also filled with all kinds of deliveries

I have ordered, I have mastered the skill of ordering things online. It takes a lot of effort, as not all interfaces are simple and intuitive, sometimes it takes hours to get through the flow of very complex websites, filled with small fonts and confusing the user.

From time to time, my order gets delivered in the wrong size or damaged, and then again – you have to fight with the website and the customer care unit to return it or get a refund. It’s unbelievable how imperfect and not well thought through most of these apps are.

– For lunch, I normally have a light one, a soup, or a salad, and mainly on the go, while learning a new skill by watching something on Youtube. At the moment, it’s Youtube SEO and Tiktok advertisement topics. 

– In the afternoon, I have calls with clients and business partners, I film new content and publish articles. Throughout the day I also take care of short emails as they arrive in my inbox and respond to comments from all my social media platforms.

I also do my online grocery shop – fruits and vegetables from the local farm, meat and fish from the local butcher, and other necessities from a bigger grocery chain nearby.

– In the evening, at around 7 pm, I do a quick 15-minute home workout (normally abs, legs, and butt). I like to follow a few YouTubers who always create new content and new exercises, otherwise, it gets very repetitive and boring.

I wear bright colorful clothing to do an at-home gym workout, to get me motivated, as sometimes it’s hard to drive yourself to start this workout, but then once I’m 3-4 minutes into it, it’s so much fun and I feel amazing afterward.

– After my workout, I’m back on my laptop just for a bit to round up all the work done for the day and check if there is anything urgent I’ve missed all across all our online channels. 

– l usually have a late dinner – steak or fish, pasta and vegetables are the three usual components, otherwise, I’m not very full and I’ll get hungry again by midnight. Next, I do some research or watch tutorials online, and maybe some light reading too.

I’m currently conquering a book called Winners, by Alastair Campbell. As a result of these activities, I always start brainstorming ideas for new content to produce in the next few days or on what to do inside my company. 

– I always make sure to get at least 9-10 hours of sleep, then I know that my next day is going to be productive and awesome!

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