Client Testimonials | What To Avoid

Testimonials, when done wrong, can be harmful to your business. The biggest mistake you can make when creating a testimonial is creating a fake one. Doing this is not just immoral and unlawful, but it can also hurt your business’s credibility in the long run.

When done right, testimonials are a great way to showcase how happy your clients are with your product or service. If you’re doing a good job and offering a good service or product, you shouldn’t have a problem getting authentic testimonials.

In this video, I share examples of fake reviews I found while analyzing my company’s competitors. I will explain why you shouldn’t use fake testimonials, and show you how to get real ones that will help your business instead.


Main Topics:
0:45 How to spot a fake review
1:10 What to avoid when creating testimonials
1:40 What to do to get real reviews


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