Am I Truly a Tech Company? Here’s a Checklist

Many companies claim to be in tech, however, if your company is building apps, or provides software engineers nearshore, it does not qualify for you to be called a #technology company. In this video, I give examples of what a technology company consists of, and how it differentiates from a software development company.

How to determine if your company is in technology or development? Here’s a quick fun checklist.


0:15 What is a tech company?
1:03 f you are working on patents
1:21 If you can replicate your products easily
1:29 If you care about the data you acquire and use it to train your algorithms
1:40 If you engineers’ testing cannot test machine learning algorithms
1:49 If you receive job applications from Computer Science students
2:02 How Nanos works with the Federal Institute of Technology


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