AI Takes Over Ad Creativity

Up until now, researchers and AI barely touched on ad creation. Why? It’s difficult even for an experienced human to come up with a likeable and visually-appealing ad that has a catchy title and description.

But guess what?

A few months ago, received results from a user study. Here’s what we found: most participants preferred ads generated by the machine! We were surprised but also very excited at the same time.

What does this finding mean for you and online advertising?

Well, imagine instantaneously creating an unlimited number of ads and testing them, and removing low performers across platforms hourly! This is just one of the breakthroughs showcasing how AI can work and help save time and money for digital marketing.

So, are you ready to support your ad creation process with AI?

Main topics:
0:00 AI Takes Over Ad Creativity
0:54 The Life Cycle of A Paid Ad
4:11 Nanos AI User Study
5:30 AI Ad Creation

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