How to Handle Work-Related Stress: The Three-Legs Strategy

There is one ingenious and simple strategy on how to make yourself absolutely robust and resistant to work-related stress. It’s a solid top-down approach and works no matter how high or how low you are. I call it the three-legged strategy and it’s best to use together with several bottom-up crafty tactics that have worked for me in the past and are still working to this day.


Main topics: 

0:52 What is the three-legs strategy?
1:40 1st leg – your professional life
2:08 2nd leg – your friends and family
2:43 3rd leg – your hobbies and activities
3:53 Effects of standing on all three legs
4:30 Additional tactics to handle work-related stress
5:05 Tomorrow is another day
5:30 Go to the gym or exercise in other ways 5:53 Write an email about your feelings
6:18 Call someone you trust


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